고객서비스센터 24시간 오픈 및 GS25 편의점 교환 서비스 확대

CSC Now Open 24/7 & GS25 Replacement Service Expanded

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Starting September 1, our Customer Service Center will operate on a round-the-clock basis to provide customers with more convenient services. Now you can reach us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for any IQOS-related inquires or complaints by calling us at 080-000-1905 or through our one-on-one customer service on KakaoTalk or Facebook. We will assist you in any way possible.

What’s more, our GS25 Convenience Store Replacement Service, which launched in May, was expanded in late August to incorporate some 120 GS25 locations across the country. Along with some 30 locations in Seoul, locations in Daejeon, Daegu, Busan, Gwangju, Gangwon Province, Jeju, and other major cities and regions have been added for expanded service operations, to allow customers to access our Replacement Service 24 hours a day.

To use the Convenience Store Pickup Service, you first need to complete the device registration process on the official IQOS website. You then need to confirm, through the self-diagnosis program or our call center (080-000-1905), whether your device has issues and whether the issues can be repaired. If your device is serviceable, you can designate a GS convenience store nearest to you for replacement. When doing this, please check the location of the convenience store you plan to visit and whether there is stock available.

When using the Convenience Store Pickup Service,  you will receive a replacement coupon via the mobile phone you registered. You then need to visit the GS25 location you have pre-selected, with your coupon and the malfunctioning product.  Once at the convenience store, you can present the replacement coupon, return the misbehaving device, and receive a new one. At the moment, the Service is available only for navy and white models.

The Convenience Store Pickup Service will offer faster and more convenient replacements to customers who cannot easily visit our Customer Service Center or who are under time constraints. For added customer convenience, we will continue to expand the number of service locations.

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