Brightening New Year, with new IQOS

Lunar New Year Special Offers


Brighten your 2019 with luxurious IQOS Lunar New Year Package.

Designed by IQOS, these accessories permeate every part of your IQOS lifestyle, while opening up new level to your life style.
Meet limited seasonal offer at official online store and IQOS store, starting from the 25th of January. 

For brightening New Year, full package of IQOS Premium Accessories and Mobile Kit will be limitedly offered during this season. Wherever, whenever for you, IQOS-designed products will bring comfortable luxury in your lifestyle. 

Premium leather accessories tailor-made for IQOS 3 and Multi fit snugly over the device, thus it gives better protection and user-friendly experience in every moments. IQOS Tray has its diverse collection upon different use, while it adds refined touch to your space. IQOS accessories’ beautiful yet practical design delivers ideal quality in your IQOS lifestyle. Limited seasonal package offers great price deal with perfect product selections.

2019 Lunar New Year package has 5 kit included packages and 5 Lite packages, which are kit excluded. For more detailed information, please find the image below.


IQOS and Tobacco sticks are not risk free and are addictive. 
We do not offer PMI’s smoke-free products to people who have never used tobacco or nicotine products or who have quit using tobacco and nicotine products. Our smoke-free products are not an alternative to quitting and are not designed as cessation aids.
Minors should not use tobacco or nicotine in any form. Pregnant women, diabetics and people with heart problems should not use any tobacco or nicotine product.